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​​​​​Through August 13th 

FINN is a BIG Winner at

And with his Highwater Family​​
Support Team Finn and Friends
3rd Annual Finn Fest !
Sunday, August 20th 11:30a

We invite you to come and support Team Finn, the fundraising effort made for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio. Finn Snyder, the youngest son of David and Jennifer Snyder, was born with Down Syndrome.
Finn will be 4 years old this year and his presence with us has brought new light and much joy to our church.
So, here’s what you can expect:

-There will be food
-There will be a craft
-There will be a dessert auction
-Weather permitting, there will be outdoor water fun
-There will be pies in the face
-You can donate to Team Finn and Friends in a number of ways

Here’s how you can participate:

-The Congregation is invited to bring a side dish or salad to share
-Provide a dessert for the auction—come on ladies, we know you
are more than capable!
-Buy a dessert in the auction
-Bid for the right to throw a pie in the face of ?????
-Donate generously to Team Finn and Friends

If you are a youth of our church, there are many ways you can participate:
-Make a dessert to enter into our auction. Parents and grandparents love to spend big $$$ on your desserts.
-Bring a friend
-Save some allowance money and donate to Team Finn

I am looking forward to it!

Peace, Pastor Scott
WISH 2017 Mystery Trip
Saturday, September
Cost $80
(See sign-up sheet outside Library)​​