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Youth Ministries​
-Youth Opportunities and Activities this Summer

-Each week we will prepare meals (one morning per week) at the Salvation Army

-We can always use help with younger kids. These kids really look up to you all. I think it’s important for you to serve as role models for our younger kids.

-We will take a group to Cedar Point on Tuesday, July 18. Cost will be $20 per person. We will cover the remaining costs. Driving chaperones will be needed.

-Some of these activities cost money to participate in. If money is an issue for you, the church can cover the costs so you can participate. If you are able to pay, it saves the youth fund for other activities.

-Community service hours are always available. All you have to do is provide the service and ask for my signature.

June 4th - August 13th we will have small activity bags for
the younger children to use at their seats during
our 9:30a Summer Worship Services